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Video Recipes

Peri Peri Chicken

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel now Like many people, I guess I first discovered Peri Peri Chicken when Nandos kicked off over here in the UK, prior to that I had never really heard about Peri Peri Chicken before. The first time I tasted it was a very long time ago and I still remember […]

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Guror Handesh

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel now Guror Handesh are traditional sweet Bengali deep fried snacks, made from a batter of flour and date molasses (morsa gur) or sugar. There are many variations of this recipe and how you make yours will depend on what kind of taste and texture you prefer; many people use just […]

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Tenga (Sour) Fish Curry

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel now Tenga is an authentic Bengali Fish Curry which is sour in taste and is very popular as a palate cleanser at the end of a Bengali banquet which can consist of  between 5 – 7 different curries (or more, I’m being serious!). I have fond childhood memories of drinking tenga as […]

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Gosht & Mula Curry (Lamb & White Radish)

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel now Everyone loves a curry! It’s a fact, Britain is a curry loving nation and no wonder, we have so many curry houses here in the UK which offer so many mouthwatering dishes on their menus! We all know and love the dishes that most curry houses will offer; Tandoori, […]

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30 Minute Chicken Karahi

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel now I love shopping and will jump at the chance at any given opportunity, even when I know I need to cook for lunch and don’t have anything prepared… that’s what I call dedication, lol! But hey, why worry when you can come home and have a 30 Minute Chicken Karahi […]

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Chapatis & Puris

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel now Roti is the name given to a circular unleavened flatbread which originates from the Indian subcontinent. There are many different varieties of unleavened flatbreads; Chapatis, Puris, Phulkas and Parathas and each has its own method of preparation and cooking. We love eating rotis for breakfast, lunch and dinner in our […]

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