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Lamb Dhansak

Dhansak is a sweet, spicy and sour dish that has its origins in Persian (Parsi) and Gujarati cuisine. The word ‘dhan’, translates as ‘seed’ or ‘grain’ from the Persian language, and ‘sak’ (also spelt ‘shaak’) comes from the Gujarati language to mean ‘stew’. An authentic Dhansak is prepared using either goat meat or mutton, along […]

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Onion Gravy

This Onion Gravy doesn’t require a lot of commentary other than to say it really is the perfect accompaniment to a delicious Steak, Roast dinner or toad in the hole. It is straight forward to make but does take some time, so it’s a good idea to get this ready before you start on your […]

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Lentil Bake

At home I try my best to incorporate vegetarian meals into our diets, I feel my kids are far too carnivorous when it comes to food and it can prove a mission to get them to eat dishes made entirely from vegetables or pulses. This was one of the reasons I developed this Lentil Bake, using […]

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Palak Paneer

You’ll probably laugh at me when I tell you about my very first paneer experience, but bear in mind this was about 20 odd years ago and I didn’t have a clue what paneer was, let alone how to cook it! I was making lasagne for dinner and asked my husband to buy some cheese […]

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Chicken Tikka and Jalapeno Pizzas

As far as I can recall, I’ve always loved bread, any kind of dish that involves bread making gets me excited! I am a true breadaholic (if such a thing exists), which is why some members of my family say I could live off the stuff (they’re not wrong there either). And that’s really what […]

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Boal Fish with Watercress

We all learn to cook in many different ways. Over the years I have learnt to cook all sorts of dishes from different methods; from following recipes, experimenting by myself in the kitchen, from eating out and trying to recreate some of those dishes at home and from watching others around me cook. This Boal […]

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Afelia’s Beef Steaks

To salt or not to salt. That was the question I asked myself the very first time my husband brought home some beef steaks as I looked into the best way to cook them, I had never cooked steaks before so I read up as much as I could on the topic. There was so […]

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Afelia’s Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia

I love bread, I mean who doesn’t? Eeeeeveryone loves bread, even people who don’t eat it because they’ve cut carbs out of their diet, they know it and we know it too! I don’t discriminate when it comes to bread; white, brown, wholemeal, seeded, thin sliced, thick sliced, I eat it ALL! I also enjoy […]

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Guror Handesh

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel now Guror Handesh are traditional sweet Bengali deep fried snacks, made from a batter of flour and date molasses (morsa gur) or sugar. There are many variations of this recipe and how you make yours will depend on what kind of taste and texture you prefer; many people use just […]

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Bhat Biran (Bangladeshi Fried Rice)

Bhat Biran, translated as Fried Rice in English, is a comfort food and staple in every Bangladeshi household. Growing up it was the one dish that could easily be thrown together for breakfast or teatime, because being Bengali meant there was always a never ending supply of cooked rice at home! My mum used to […]

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