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Afelia’s Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie used to be on our dining table at least once or twice a fortnight when my children were younger, it was easy to make and they loved the mushy texture, it made for easy swallowing, lol! As my children have grown their palates have developed and they seem to be more demanding when […]

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Soi Fita Biran

Bangladeshi food is very versatile and many of the dishes we make are surprisingly good for people with food intolerances. People who avoid gluten or dairy products can enjoy lots of the Desi nashta (snacks) that we make; for example Dali Bora (lentil fritters), Nunor Bora (salted rice flour snacks) and Soi Fita (rice flour […]

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Coconut and Jam Sponge

This Coconut and Jam Sponge tray bake is a taste of my childhood, in fact it’s a taste many of us can relate to having attended school here in the UK, cake and custard for me was always the best dessert! Served with vanilla custard, this nostalgic treat can take you back to some of […]

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Top 10 Recipes of 2017

Here are the Top Ten Recipes of 2017, some of them are obvious favourites but there are a couple here that have surprised me. These were the most viewed recipes of 2017, I hope you enjoy checking them out, don’t forget to bookmark some of these recipes if you’ve not tried them already. So let’s […]

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Peri Peri Chicken

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel now Like many people, I guess I first discovered Peri Peri Chicken when Nandos kicked off over here in the UK, prior to that I had never really heard about Peri Peri Chicken before. The first time I tasted it was a very long time ago and I still remember […]

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Best Nine Instagram Posts of 2017

My Best Nine Instagram Posts of 2017, hope you enjoy having a scroll through, links for the recipes have been added to each post (where a recipe is available), so you can try it out for yourself! Some recipes aren’t available (yet) but will be added soon. If you aren’t a follower of mine on […]

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Naan Bread

Did I tell you I love bread? I did? Well that’s good because I do! I am a total breadaholic and I honestly can’t imagine my life without it. Whether we’re talking regular baked loaves, buns, bagels or flat breads, I love them all. When I shop for groceries I can spend ages in the […]

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Braised Lamb and Vegetable Stew

Winter is truly upon us. Last week we had some light snow in London which clearly indicated that December is here – for some reason I always associate snow to December although it has and does snow in spring here in the UK too. It reminded me that I needed to get this Braised Lamb […]

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Crispy Tandoori Fish Bites

I had some leftover Tilapia (from cooking a curry for my mother in law) that I wanted to use up, so threw these Crispy Tandoori Fish Bites together on the spot, the result was delicious! The ingredients make enough batter for 2 Tilapia fillets, you can multiply the quantities if you want to make more. […]

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