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I love food! I enjoy a variety of cuisines and love sharing recipes with family and friends. I hope some of these recipes will inspire you too.

Hi there, I’m a mum of four who loves food and loves experimenting in the kitchen. I can’t say I have always enjoyed cooking, but from what my family tell me I’m good at it, so I decided to reconnect with my passion for cooking by sharing some of my recipes with you all. Having been born and brought up in London, amongst a culture that celebrates food from all over the world, I enjoy cooking and eating lots of different types of cuisine. I’m a British Bangladeshi (my parents were originally from Bangladesh), so many of the recipes I share here will be authentic Bangladeshi dishes.

My mum has always been my biggest inspiration when it comes to cooking, many recipes are childhood dishes I grew up with and learnt from her. Sadly she is no longer with us, but I owe much of my creativity and culinary knowledge to my dear mum. Whilst most recipes on my page are my own concoctions, I’m always learning from family members and friends, indeed some of the best recipes are ones that I have learnt from others and have shared with you all. There is bound to be a recipe here that inspires you, do let me know if you try out a recipe and enjoy it. Remember to share and like my recipes, you can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook.  I hope you appreciate my humble efforts to bring some of my most loved dishes to your dining tables. Thank you!



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